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Oil Heater quit running called these guys. Serviceman said needed new heater. Told my wife the heater was shot,
chamber was collapsing , pump was shot, delivery lines needed replacing and do not start heater since the unit was full of fuel from hitting the reset button numerous times and could burn the house down if started. I got AiR Temp quote for new system plus 3 others. all rangeing 18 30k. I did not believe the Air Temp serviceman since I knew the chamber had not collapsed, and I told the serviceman I had hit the reset numerous time but I guess he didn’t pay attention to the part about I was bleeding the line and no fuel was going into heater. Anyhow I had an honest guy to check my heater. He came and told me all I needed was an ignitor. I went out bought an ignitor, adjusted the probes, installed new nozzle and started heater. Very little smoke at startup and my heater has been purring ever since. It has been almost six weeks now. I contacted Air Temp weekly for a refund for service. I was told the person I needed was in a meeting and I would get a call when the meeting was over. It must be the longest meeting ever, it has been going on for all four of my calls. No one called me yet. Beware of these guys. They were also the first to call, (3x in two days before anyone else ) if I decided about a new heater and they were available the following day. Funny how the other companies were a minimum of a week before install, but Air Temp could be out the next day.

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