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Air Temp Solutions believes giving back to the community is one of the best things our company can do. We know everyone can experience trials and we want to help take the stress off during that time. After the owner of Air Temp Solutions, John Gabrielli, and his wife experienced trials firsthand with their son, Jackson, they knew they wanted to spread kindness and support in different ways.

Here’s a little bit about the 7-year-old hero who’s inspired us. Jackson was born with a rare genetic condition called Alagille Syndrome (ALGS). ALGS is a condition that affects many parts and organs in the body – primarily the liver. At 2-months-old when diagnosed with ALGS, it was found that his liver was the main organ affected. What this means is his liver has fewer (and smaller) bile ducts than average and has a hard time completing functioning. Over the next two years, Jackson became jaundiced. Due to his liver disease, he was constantly itchy which led to many scratches and open wounds on his body along with many sleepless nights. Around age 2, Jackson began to develop xanthomas all over his body that were not only unsightly but painful for him. He was unable to wear shoes or walk outside barefoot. Anytime he would pick up a toy, he would cry out in pain. At this point, his GI team decided it would be best to list him for a liver transplant.

On 11/5/2019, four days before he turned 3-years-old, Jackson received his gift of life. The positive change in his body from a functioning liver was incredible. During his recovery, he had a short experience with a rejection of his new liver, but it was quickly corrected. After 21 days in the hospital, Jackson joined his brother and sisters at home as a new kid who could run and play like them! One of the known complications of an organ transplant is (Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disease). PTLD can come in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, Jackson started to show signs of concern that could be linked to PTLD, so he had to undergo further testing.

On 5/12/23, after a PET scan to look closely at his internal lymph nodes, Jackson was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma/Leukemia. Jackson underwent six aggressive rounds of inpatient chemotherapy. The chemotherapy was incredibly hard on his body and not without grueling side effects and a few septic infections. Today, Jackson is recovering from his chemotherapy and in remission from his diagnosis of Burkitt’s lymphoma/leukemia. Jackson and his parents experienced how much the support, help, and kindness of others and their support system helped them through their tough days. The Gabrielli family and Action Jackson hope they can be a bright light and bring relief to those in need. They look forward to the monthly submissions and hope to bring love and hope to those in their community.


Each month Air Temp Protection Club members are eligible to nominate someone who is or has experienced a hard time and could benefit from a brand-new heating and cooling system. Once the nomination timeframe has closed, our Action Jacksons’ Giveaway managers will select one winner of a free brand-new heating and cooling system and installation.

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